Why Do We Run Swimming Lessons All Year Round?

Simply learning how to swim and having that life skill is a great goal on its own. However, having continuous swimming lessons and moving through the different stages of competence is even better; swimming classes can be so much more than simply getting a hang on the basics of swimming.

Swimming is an amazing sport that can provide your child with a healthy outlet for their energy, teach them valuable skills (besides the obvious one) and boost their confidence. After spending years teaching little dolphins how to swim, we can safely say that it’s best when that’s done with a certain structure and done continuously. That’s why we run swim classes in Oldham, Ashton and Bury even during the summer holidays, unlike some swim schools which break when the schools break up.

Here are our reasons why year round swimming lessons are a good idea:

1.They provide structure and give something to do.

When children are young some of the most valuable things they can have in their daily lives are structure and stability. Just think about how you feel when you know what your week ahead looks like? There is something calming about knowing what to expect and having specific things to look forward to. It’s the same with kids!

Something to do is as important for children as it is for their parents. When school finishes, there’s often a need to keep children occupied. Most adult jobs don’t have summer holidays, so this can lead to boring daytimes for children who have nothing to do. We think it’s great for a child’s happiness to be able to say, “I’m bored now, but later I will be able to swim!” And, we also think they might cause less trouble – if they’re that way inclined that is.

2.Teachers get to know the students

Some children get right into the water whilst others need a bit of help to overcome their fears. There is nothing wrong with that. Children, just like adults, have their own personalities and preferences, and it truly helps when our teachers get to know them over the course of their lessons.

A teacher who is familiar with your child will know their strengths and their weaknesses. This is important, because the swimming teacher will know which areas your little dolphin needs some extra practice in. Additionally, a regular swim teacher will know what the best way to encourage and motivate them is. This can make all the difference when it comes to your little ones learning and getting better at swimming.

3.Makes making progress easier

We have all heard that repetition is the mother of learning. As adults we often forget how true that is; our daily lives become busier and the idea of repeating anything kind of annoys us. But it’s nonetheless true. Just like with anything else, with swimming lessons, it’s not enough to just learn something once. For a child to become a secure and competent swimmer, they need to practice and repeat the same movements, skills and reactions over and over.

Just like with any other sport, muscle memory is something key with swimming. The more times your body practices a certain movement, the faster and more efficient it gets at doing that movement. This is fantastic for making progress through your swimming stages, but it also makes a swimmer more likely to react appropriately in a dangerous situation and less likely to panic. So, every time we seem like we are just repeating the same lesson with your little dolphin, just remember – there’s a method to our madness!

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