Children’s Private Swimming Lessons

These are usually used for those who struggle with water confidence. This type of lesson gives your child extra care and attention to allow them to overcome their fears. Our experienced instructors understand how to gain your child’s trust and will get them enjoying the water in no time!

This 1-1 tuition also allows for quicker progress and it may sometimes be useful for those who would like an extra boost in their swimming journey!

Adult Private Swimming Lessons

We understand that learning to swim as an adult may bring all kinds of feelings. You may feel embarrassed that you need swimming lessons, you may have longstanding fears developed during your childhood which you have struggled to overcome ever since; or you may have a holiday booked and want to finally be able to swim in the hotel pool. Our 1-1s allow a dedicated private swimming session for you to reach your goals. You can rest assured you will be enjoying the water, improving technique and swimming confidently in no time at all!

Swimming Lessons in Salford

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