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Dolphin Academy are excited to be one of the very few swim schools to have their very own qualified Mermaid UK Instructor!

The training completed is fully comprehensive to allow all the understanding of the movements, science, technique and safety aspects of mermaid swimming.

Parents and children can rest assured they will be taught by a professional Mermaid UK instructor with their programme to allow maximum enjoyment and safety

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Mermaid Swim Classes

Swim classes will first cover how to safely put on their mermaid tail and then enter and exit the water before teaching breath holding, dolphin kick action and then progress onto mermaid routines. The classes progress each lesson, teaching basic elements of synchronise swimming, team work and core strength.

Not Just for Kids…

From January 2018 we began offering mermaid lessons for adults that want to swim as a mermaid. The criteria are the same as for our childrens’ mermaid lessons, but you will be swimming with other like minded adults who share your dream of becoming a mermaid!

You should…

1) Be at least 6 years old

2) Be able to swim 25 meters comfortably

3) Be able to submerge your face fully whilst swimming

4) Be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water

5) Be able to life your knees and turn 360 degrees in both directions

6) Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5 meters


Meet a Mermaid / Mermaid Experience

We believe being a mermaid for the day shouldn’t be limited to those who are confident swimmers!

If your child is unable to meet the criteria for our mermaid swimming lessons, we would love to invite them to join one of mermaid experience days where they can meet a mermaid and be a mermaid!

This day will include water safety, basic mermaid moves, mermaid poses with photo opportunities and finishing off with a mermaid make over after their pool session.

This may also be the perfect way to introduce a child to water and hopefully encourage them to take up swimming lessons in the future!

Mermaid Birthday Parties

We would love to help make your child’s birthday party extra special with a full mermaid experience!

This would include a 45 minute session in the swimming pool with a qualified Mermaid UK instructor. The party will teach participants mermaid skills and movements, contain mermaid games, mermaid poses and offer underwater photographs to take away from the day as a memory of their day!

We will also include (may vary on location) mermaid make overs for after their pool session.

Interested in a Mermaid Birthday Party?

Mermaid Swimming