Why Are Swimming Awards and Certificates Important for Swimmers

The most important things about learning to swim are, of course, the practical skills that a swimmer is learning. However, another very important part of a swimmer’s learning journey is the acknowledgement of the little steps and successes along the way. We have numerous certificates that help us encourage our swimmers and reward them when they have passed a milestone. Our awards and certificates are designed to reward children for their development of essential skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe swimming awards and certificates are so important for our swimmers.

1. Boosts confidence

Certificates and awards are not just designed to reward swimming skills but are also made so swimmers have something they can hold or put up on the wall of their room. Certificates are a representation and confirmation of skills that have been developed. And that’s good, because skills aren’t something you can hold normally. Awards can be a wonderful confidence booster and we believe they always lead to more enjoyment of swimming and being in the water.

Confidence in one area of a child’s life can often lead to an overall improvement of their self-esteem. Once they see that learning new things can be fun and rewarding they will probably be less afraid to try new things and will enjoy learning in general more than before.

2. Provides motivation

Awards and certificates make it easier for swimmers of all ages to know their progression on their learning journey. It also helps them have a very clear idea of what their next goal and stage is. Knowing that to get the next certificate you need to swim 25 meters instead of 15, makes it easier for a learner to focus their efforts on something specific. That is a great motivator and it gives swimmers great satisfaction once they do achieve their goal and get to the next stage.

We believe that rewards, like certificates you can proudly show your friends and family, go a long way to provide motivation for learners to strive to get to the next level. That is why we have certificates available in our store for all our ages and stages of achievement. It really does help to acknowledge a swimmer’s success when it’s due! Awards and certificates help young learners to feel like their efforts are noted and aid in maintaining their interest and enthusiasm even when just beginning to learn swimming.

3. Helps keep track of progress

Certificates are probably the best reminders a stage has been passed and that a swimmer has really achieved and learnt something. All our awards and certificates are designed with specific goals and stages in mind to help children, and their parents, easily keep track of how a swimmer is progressing. Even if you’re feeling that your child is learning slower that you’d like, the truth is that your little dolphin is probably learning a lot more than you realise. To make sure both parents and learners are reminded of real progression, we encourage parents to regularly check their Trophy Cabinets on our system and see how far their child is on their learning path.

4. Keepsakes

Children grow up so quickly, don’t they? It feels only like yesterday when your little dolphin was splashing around the water whilst you were holding them. Now they are getting more and more independent by the day and swimming confidently on their own. What better way to celebrate and mark that important part of growing up than having a certificate you can keep forever?

Because as important as it is to keep track of a swimmer’s progress through awards, for a parent it is also important to be able to save a few pieces of their little one’s childhood. You can always get those milestone certificates and awards from us and keep them in your family archive or a keepsakes box to remind you of your little one’s childhood.

If you haven’t checked your Trophy Cabinet in a while, you can always check your child’s progress on CLASS4KIDS by entering through the Parent Dashboard on our website. Any awards that have been achieved can be purchased on the shop section of our site.

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