8 Things to Bring With You on Your First Swimming Lesson

We know that doing new things and learning new skills can sometimes be a bit scary and uncomfortable. We also know that being prepared, knowing what to bring and knowing what to expect from your experience is a great way to reduce any anxiety or worries you might have. Here is a list of things you should bring to your first swimming lesson.


Yes, we know that sounds a bit obvious but bear with us! Most of us have at least one swimsuit in our drawers, however not all swimsuits are created equal. What is suitable for the beach may not necessarily be suitable for swimming lessons. For the ladies – avoid strapless tops and heavily ornamented swimsuits and opt for something comfortable and more durable. This can be one-piece or two-piece suit, shorts or leggings. For the gents – avoid swimsuits that are too large and have too many pockets because the water resistance will increase the drag. Opt for something that is as close fitting as possible and yet comfortable.


This is another obvious one but we still feel like it should be mentioned. It’s essential and it will make your swim lesson much more comfortable, not only because you can dry yourself with it and keep warm, but you can also cover up if you are a bit nervous about walking around in your swimsuit. So bring a towel or if you are more comfortable with one – bring a bath robe.

Swim cap

A swim cap can be a bit uncomfortable but if chosen right it will be of benefit to any swimmer. Caps protect your hair from the damaging effect of the chlorine in the swimming pool, and a cap can keep your hair dry. The cap also prevents your hair, especially if it’s long, from getting in the way and slowing you down when swimming.


Goggles are a bit like the swim caps – they will make your lesson more comfortable and protect your eyes from the chlorine. Pick a pair that fits you well, has a tight seal and adjustable straps for more comfort. Keep in mind that goggles are not compulsory but they might help you see better and keep your eyes from getting irritated whilst swimming; they will also allow you to focus on learning how to swim and your techniques.

Earplugs and nose clips

These, again, are not compulsory but may help you feel more comfortable in the water. Earplugs are also a good idea if you are susceptible to infections. The nose clips are a hassle-free and easy solution to a common problem that many people have – the unpleasant sensation of getting water up your nose.


Bring along your normal set of toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturizer. The chlorine and other chemical that are used to keep the pool clean can leave your skin and hair very dry. Most people prefer to take a shower right after the lesson so it’s generally a good idea to bring your toiletries with you.

Water and snacks

Even though you might not feel it because you’re not sweating and you are in the water – swimming is still an exercise and it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. You might be hungry after your swim so a snack will make the experience more comfortable if you’re someone who gets peckish. But, don’t eat before you swim!


It also might be a good idea to bring a change of clothes and a fresh pair of underwear which you can put on after your shower. Some people find this more comfortable.

If you’re looking for swimming lessons in Oldham and Greater Manchester we can help, contact us and we’ll make your venture into the water a rewarding experience.

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