Stroke Technique Lessons

For competitive swimming and swimming for sport, developing your stroke technique can help you gain those crucial seconds in speed or endurance which can put you in first place. Swimming is its’ own sport, but swimming is also part of triathlons, diving, surfing and boat based sports too. If you or your child is training for a triathlon, you might find the swimming section to be particularly difficult if swimming is not a normal part of your training regime.

Who are we?

Both owners of Dolphin Academy have reached a high level of swimming, and would love the opportunity to pass on their expertise. We understand that large swim clubs may not have the ability to give 1 to 1 care and attention and this is why we are here! We can break down strokes and skills to perfect your swimming and to achieve those all-important personal bests. We have the knowledge and experience to improve butterfly, backstroke, breastroke and frontcrawl and we understand that races can be lost on dives, turns, finishes and streamlining! Please read our bios for more information on our swimming careers.

“My son Oscar is a club swimmer but was struggling with tumble turn. George was amazing he made it so simple and did it in slow motion. Oscar grabbed the concept. Having George in the water really helped Oscar. We have now carried the lessons on to improve Oscar’s swimming. Becky also has been amazing pushing through his paces! He’s achieved amazing results the biggest one being come 7th in GB at biathlon. Oscar wouldn’t have achieved this without Becky and George. If Oscar could swim with Becky and George he would swim everyday! Fantastic teachers!” – Claire Schofield / Oscar, Aged 10

Swimming Stroke Lessons

Why swimming stroke technique lessons

One of the first benefits of swimming technique lessons is that an instructor can observe your swimming stroke more accurately than you can. Because you see yourself swim from your own perspective, or in the water can’t see yourself at all, it’s difficult to understand and critique what your arms, legs and hips are doing in the water. Having a trained instructor observe and record (and on request – video) your swimming can really help improve your stroke technique. Without someone monitoring you, you simply won’t know. So, it’s worth it just for an objective opinion if you swim in any sort of competitive environment.

A second benefit is that a trained private instructor knows how to move through the water quickly and efficiently. It’s their job. So, you benefit from their guidance and recommendations on how to improve your breastroke or butterfly swim by your instructor’s experience.

The third benefit is you’ll learn in a structured, objective based way, free from distractions and without so much need to self-assess. You won’t be pushing through pain of an intensive backstroke swimming session yourself and will have motivational support to depend on.

Located in Oldham, Greater Manchester

We offer private swimming stroke technique lessons from fantastic facilities in Oldham, Greater Manchester. You may have to contact us for availability if slots aren’t visible on our booking system because these lessons are privately booked and we only list a number of slots publicly, but we always love meeting new people so contact us.

Swimming Technique Lessons

“Katie my eldest daughter has been swimming for a number of years and just needed some extra help with a few strokes. Becky was recommended to me by a friend so we booked in for a 1-1 stroke technique session. Katie was feeling a little nervous about going but Becky immediately made Katie feel at ease, she was friendly and very helpful and made a big difference to Katies stroke making her think more about her technique and spending lots of time explaining to Katie where she was going wrong. Katie loved Becky and we will definitely be returning for more 1-1 sessions in the future.” -Caroline whittles / Katie, aged 12

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