What are the benefits of Mermaid swimming and why should you consider it?

Mermaids are magical! Who hasn’t watched Ariel in Disney’s the Little Mermaid and thought that being a mermaid looks fun? Mermaiding (pretending to a be a mermaid) and Mermaid swimming have recently experienced a boom in popularity thanks to new fish-fin costumes and props. So, if you’ve ever wanted to escape into the world of seashells, colourful tails and merfolk – now you can, with our Mermaid Swimming Sessions in Oldham.

But, other than the obvious fun of it, it’s actually serious activity. Not that we want to ruin the magic of Mermaiding for anyone, but for anyone sceptical that it’s a real activity, we’re here to prove you wrong. Here’s some facts that prove Mermaiding is 100% a serious activity with an added bonus of being really, really fun!

Mermaid Swimming is, basically, “monofin swimming.”

Monofins are like scuba diving flippers except instead of one on each foot you put both feet into a larger flipper. Monofin swimming is serious competitive swimming and monofin swimmers break several swimming and diving records because the equipment allows them to swim faster and more efficiently than other fin swimmers. Monofins are an active area of swimming technology and development. Water professionals from science through to the military use fins when they swim. So, whilst it might look fun, any water-loving budding professional will benefit from the skill of being able to confidently swim with a fish-fin.

It’s a fantastic workout.

It’s true that swimming is one of the best exercises you can do. However, swimming with a tail and underwater adds an additional challenge for swimmers and makes the work-out slightly more intense. Mermaid swimming requires that you use your core muscles and hips in unison to swim with a “dolphin kick” that imitates the efficient movements of a dolphin. Mermaiding is both a cardio and strength training and it does your abs, thighs and glutes tons of good! Swimmers also work on their upper body and arms because these are of course the human parts of our merfolk – nothing really changes up top.

Teaches invaluable lessons when it comes to teamwork.

Our Mermaid swim classes first cover how to safely put on their mermaid tail, come in and out of the pool, before teaching breath holding, dolphin kick action and then progress onto mermaid routines. A lot of what we teach during our Mermaid swimming classes is very closely related and based on synchronised swimming. That is a great opportunity for our swimmers to learn to work in teams, to rely on each other and to themselves be reliable swimming partners!

Mermaid Swimming is motivating.

Maybe you’ve had trouble getting your little dolphin to enjoy swimming or even the concept of being in the pool? Mermaid swimming might be a way to get them into the water! You can imagine the grin on your little one’s face when you tell them that they can now be a real mermaid or a shark! That is an excellent motivation for any child to learn how to swim and become a confident swimmer. Mermaiding is a truly fun and great way to get your kids into the water and help them overcome any fears they might have. For this purpose, we have developed our Mermaid Experience so that everyone can enjoy a day as a mermaid or a shark even if they can’t swim!

We are truly excited to be able to offer Mermaid swimming in Oldham. We are one of very few swim schools in the country that have their own qualified Mermaid UK swimming instructor. We also offer the Mermaid Experience for inexperienced swimmers and do Mermaid Birthday Parties with lots of mermaid games and pictures!

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