Holidays are just more fun if you know how to swim!

Sometimes when a learner or a learner’s parent/guardian contacts us about learning to swim there’s a bit of urgency involved. Summer is just around the corner and our jet-setting swimmers have flights booked to their sunny seaside destination of choice: Costa del Sol, the French Riviera, Sunny Beach, Phuket, Bali – the list goes on.

But, oh, what’s that? You can’t swim and are going to be by the sea or pool all the time? Well, to make the most of that coastal get away, you’re going to need to swim in the water or feel confident if you fall off the jet-ski. Learning to swim can really open a whole world of activities that you couldn’t do before for safety reasons, or just because swimming is absolutely part of the activity.

So, have you found yourself in the position of not knowing how to swim before your holiday? Don’t worry. We teach lots of adults and children how to swim and it’s never too late or too early to start with our children swimming lessons or our adult swimming lessons. Here’s what to do if you find you’ve booked that holiday and want to make the most of it. We’ve put together a few tips to get you super-motivated and ready to learn.

People learn to swim at different speeds and in different ways

You might learn to swim very quickly or you might need to do some extra lessons. You might be motivated by the social setting of group lessons or you might need some privacy. All that is totally normal and you shouldn’t be intimidated by the prospect of figuring out what works for you!  A good swimming school (like us!) will be able to discuss your needs and suggest an appropriate starting point – we’re always happy to answer questions and we have a range of lesson types available, including one-to-one sessions, to make sure your swimming improves before your holiday.

Even if it’s your holiday that’s motivated you, you’re investing in a life skill

Learning to swim is never a waste of your time or money. It’s a life skill that will enable you to enjoy new things. We really believe this: one of our swimming instructors, Brian, learnt to swim because he was a parent who couldn’t swim with his family – now the skill he’s developed has turned into a job. Knowing how to swim might one day help save your life and opens up a new world of activities in aquatic sports, recreation, fitness and competition. We promise you won’t regret it!

You can finally use your waterproof sports camera or phone to its full potential

We love underwater photography and there’s a lot of gadgetry now that makes it possible for you to take underwater snaps during your holiday. For example, there’s many camera phones now which are waterproof including some very popular ones by Sony, Samsung and Apple. If you check your manual, you might find you already have one! It’s also common for Sports’ Cameras like GoPro to be waterproof. If you’ve already got one of these devices and you enjoy photography wouldn’t some underwater pictures make great additions to your holiday photo album? But, to take these unique pictures, you’re going to have learn to swim!

Lots and lots of fun things

Surfing, Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Snorkelling, Sea Swimming, Sailing, Jet Skiing… Have you ever stood on the sand and watched as your friends went jet skiing? Do you really want to be that person who watches whilst other people have fun? These activities are only possible or significantly safer if you know how to swim. Don’t get left out – learn to swim and you’ll be able to have more fun.

Now – hopefully we’ve motivated you for your holiday and given you lots of reasons to get started. We’d love to talk to you about your swimming level and make sure you or your child can make the most out of their time near the sea or at the pool this summer. Contact us and we will get you started!

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