What’s the point in different swim strokes?

Sometimes we don’t ask questions, even if we should, because we take things for granted. In today’s blog we’re answering one of those questions. Just why don’t we all just swim with one stroke, in the same way? What’s the point in learning different swim strokes? Why on earth do we do that? To answer […]

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Why Parents Should Learn to Swim As Well

Part of the reason Brian, one of our swim instructors, first learnt to swim was because he “didn’t want to be a parent who couldn’t swim anymore” and he didn’t want to “embarrass [his] competitive daughters!” It’s absolutely true. One of Brian’s main motivations to learn to swim was to make sure he could participate […]

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What Swimwear Is Best For Your Child?

We often get a lot of questions about what type of equipment is needed for swimming. We’ve done a general article on what to bring to your first swimming lessons to answer a lot of them, but one specific question parents often ask is about the type of swimsuit their child should wear. This is […]

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Christmas Fun at Dolphin Academy!

It’s getting towards the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. It’s been an exciting year at Dolphin Academy because we launched our new Mermaid Swimming Classes and Aquanatal Yoga Classes. We wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about some exciting things we have planned in the lead up to Christmas and […]

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Why Not Meet a Mermaid?

So, we’ve mentioned in a previous blog that mermaid swimming is quite an intensive exercise that depends on the dolphin kick and good synchronization skills. What this means in practice is that full-blown mermaid swimming isn’t a safe option for our swimmers that are early in their learning journey. However, we don’t think swimming ability […]

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Why is it important to stretch before swimming?

All of our swimmers will know that before every lesson we like to do a “warm up” with some stretching. Swimming, like any other form of exercise, can result in injury and being prepared for the workout that your body is going to go through is important. It’s even more important for swimming because of […]

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