We offer both swimming in groups with other children and private lessons. Would you prefer your child...

Swims in groups with other children.Swims on their own with a private instructor.
You Need Our Preschool Classes!

Our Pre-school class is a smaller group which uses toys and games to aid concentration and improve water confidence. We strongly believe this stage is most crucial, as it is around this age that children begin to understand dangers and develop fears. By allowing them to swim without their parents and starting them in this unique class, not only will they learn to enjoy the water but they will also become strong swimmers. Children in this group learn fundamental skills which are transferable throughout their swimming journey.

You Need Our Stage One Classes!

This is our beginner class for those aged 3+. At Dolphin Academy, we believe in getting our beginners swimming a faster pace and therefore we always maximise their water time. Our unique methods of focusing on body positioning and kicking on top of the water have proven results of not only getting them to swim unaided, but also learning fundamental skills which we believe are of paramount importance to their development into a strong swimmer. This class also teaches paddling, floating, diving and aims to equip your child with water confidence and the ability to swim 10 metres unaided on both their front and back.

You Need Our Stage Two Classes!

Once your child has the confidence and ability to swim 10-25 meters without support, it is time to start perfecting their strokes. You can guarantee your child is in more than capable hands when it comes to teaching technique, check out our Meet the Team page for reassurance! Our Stage 2 classes focus on leaning arms over frontcrawl, breathing techniques and backstroke. This is the class where you really see your child develop into a competent swimmer! This stage also introduces breaststroke and butterfly. Children in this class will gain their 50m distance award, swimming perfect frontcrawl and backstroke.

You Need Our Stage Three Classes!

This class is for those who can swim 50-100 meters using recognisable frontcrawl and backstroke. The main aim of this class is stamina, and so there is a large focus on kick. From our competitive swimming experience, we understand the importance of a good strong kick to aid all parts of swimming. Alongside perfecting breathing on frontcrawl, this class teaches breaststroke and butterfly. Competitive skills are introduced early to our stage 3 swimmers, such as tumble turns and diving. We believe by teaching these skills as early as possible, they will become natural and will ensure our swimmers are equipped with the essentials of making a top-quality swimmer! It is also during this stage we introduce personal survival awards, skills and drills.

You Need Our Stage Four Classes!

These classes are for those who can swim all four strokes and can comfortably swim between 100-200 meters. In this stage, the emphasis is on fitness and so swimmers will be asked to complete each skill/drill for 50 meters so they can hold their stroke technique for longer distances. There is also a lot of emphasis on streamline positioning, with plenty of explanation on the importance of it and on how to become a more efficient swimmer. Butterfly and breaststroke are really broken down and perfected in this stage, and we aim to put together all the competitive skills taught in the previous stages to make our leaners complete swimmers.

You Need Our Stage Five Classes!

This is our final stage. The learners in this class are strong and confident swimmers and can swim good technique in all 4 strokes. The swimming lessons in stage five focus on perfecting all aspects of their stroke including correct starts and turns, and on the introduction of lane discipline. This stage acts as a pre-club stage before learners progress into our Swimming Club, which gives the opportunity for competitive swimming.

You Need Our Swim Club!

The final stage in your child's swimming journey with Dolphin Academy. Coached by ex-national swimmers Becky and George, swimmers in the squad are in safe hands! Our swim club was made with the vision of creating a pathway onto competitive swimming, whilst providing fitness, team work and sport discipline.

You Need Private Lessons!

Our 1-1s allow a dedicated private swimming session for you to reach your goals. You can rest assured you will be enjoying the water, improving technique and swimming confidently in no time at all! We offer private lessons for both children and adults.

You Need Our Rookie Lifeguard Lessons!

This is the perfect class for those who would like to put their swimming skills to good practice whilst learning lifesaving skills! This programme inspires children to keep themselves and their friends and family safe in the water. Children will develop their swimming stamina and perform lifesaving tows, whilst working as a team and having fun.

It doesn't matter how well you can swim but would you prefer to...

Swim on my own with a private instructor.Swim with other adult learners in a group.
You Need Private Lessons!

Our 1-1s allow a dedicated private swimming session for you to reach your goals. You can rest assured you will be enjoying the water, improving technique and swimming confidently in no time at all! We offer private lessons for both children and adults.

You Need Adult Group Lessons!

Our adult learner groups are small and friendly, with one of our teachers in the water to help you every step of the way. We offer plenty of encouragement and patience to help you feel at ease. With small, achievable goals each lesson, you will be swimming in no time. Our adult swimming lessons have proven popular for those, getting ready for a holiday, giving them the confidence they have always wanted to enjoy time in the pool.

You Need a Mermaid Party!

Mermaid parties include a 45 minute session in the swimming pool with a qualified Mermaid UK instructor. The party will teach participants mermaid skills and movements, contain mermaid games, mermaid poses and offer underwater photographs to take away from the day as a memory of their day! We will also include (may vary on location) mermaid make overs for after their pool session.

You Need to Meet a Mermaid!

Meeting a mermaid shouldn't only be for the most confident swimmers! Meet a mermaid sessions will include water safety, basic mermaid moves, mermaid poses with photo opportunities and finishing off with a mermaid make over after their pool session. This may also be the perfect way to introduce a child to water and hopefully encourage them to take up swimming lessons in the future!

You Need Mermaid Swimming Lessons!

Swim classes will first cover how to safely put on their mermaid tail and then enter and exit the water before teaching breath holding, dolphin kick action and then progress onto mermaid routines. Mermaid Swimming is a great workout. To join you MUST: be at least 6 years old, be able to swim 25 meters comfortably, be able to submerge your face fully whilst swimming, be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water, be able to life your knees and turn 360 degrees in both directions, be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5 meters.

We've got classes for both expecting mothers and parents with babies over six weeks. Are you...

An expecting mother.A parent/guardian with a child between 6 weeks and 2 years old.Err...My baby was born less than six weeks ago.
You Need our Aquanatal Yoga Classes!

Aquanatal Yoga is basically what it sounds like; yoga informed exercise which happens in the pool! Whilst Aqua Yoga is perfectly possible for men and non-pregnant women, at Dolphin Academy our classes focus on the needs of pregnant women. According to the NHS "as a general rule, you should be able to hold a conversation as you exercise when pregnant. If you become breathless as you talk, then you are probably exercising too strenuously." Aqua Yoga is, therefore, a real exercise you can do safely whilst pregnant.

You Need our Adult and Child Lessons!

Our Adult and Child classes are a special experience for you both to share. They help your little one to develop skills and water confidence that will last a lifetime and could one day save their life! These swimming classes are for those aged 6 weeks to 2 years old. We wanted to break away from the typical singing and dancing classes offered at local pools and start teaching our little swimmers fundamental skills. In our Adult and Child Classes, we aim to equip your little ones with all the skills needed for a smooth transition into our Pre-school class without a parent/guardian and when they reach the age of two.

Sorry, you need to wait.

For safety reasons we don't start adult and child swimming until your little one is more than six weeks old. By this point they should have strengthened the muscles and breathing enough to start swimming, and will have had time to initially bond with you. You can book on our adult and child classes immediately after your baby has reached six weeks.

You need our stroke technique lessons.

This is for those swimmers who would like some extra 1-1 attention of an aspect of their swimming. This can include: Starts, Turns, Stroke or Pace Work. Stroke Technique slots are with either George (ex national Butterfly swimmer) or Becky (ex national Breaststroke swimmer).