Baby Swimming Classes

Our baby swimming lessons are an experience for you both to share. They help your little one to develop skills and water confidence that will last a lifetime which could one day, save their life.

Our carefully planned swimming journey is designed to meet those special milestones, with added sensory elements, our swim classes give you both the chance to make stronger connections and grow together in the water.

Baby Swimming lesson in Oldham Manchester

Our Stages

Newbies - 2-6months

Gentle start to baby swimming creating magical memories and beautiful bonding. The fundamentals of enjoyment and confidence for both parent and baby are our main focus. Introducing water holds, sways and movement in the water.

Tiddlers - 6-12months

As a baby’s strength develops so will the journey. From splashing to paddling and from swaying to kicking – our beginner class is where we start to see these movements progress into swimming skills. This class will be taught vital safety skills whilst equipping them with basic skills for their swimming pathway.

Splashers - 12-24months

This class brings together confidence, swimming skills and baby’s curiosity to start doing their skills with less support. We will introduce new equipment and allow them to explore at their pace.

Swimmers - 24-48months

The final part of their Dolphin Babies journey, we work together with you and your little one so we can equip them with the skills to move to our Academy. Taught with a parent we allow your little one to develop into independent, confident swimmers.

Dolphins - 24-48months

This class is an invite only class, designed for those that have passed our baby and toddler programme and are now ready to enhance their skills. In this class we will go at a faster pace to cover more swimming and aim for your little dolphin to become more independent ready for our Academy.

Dolphin Academy - 4 years+

Visit Dolphin Academy

Once your little one has completed their Dolphin Babies journey, they are ready for our Academy!

Baby Swimming lesson in Oldham Manchester


“My son has attended Parent and Baby classes since he was 6 weeks old. Before our first lesson I thought it would be singing and games with the baby but I was so wrong, from the first lesson the babies are learning to relax in water and basic swimming techniques. Now at 8 months old he can float with only the aid of a swim tube. All the staff are lovely and reassuring. The bonus is that he has a big sleep after every lesson; he’s so relaxed!”Alisha Sonmez (Zeyn, aged 8 months)

Baby Learning to Swim independently in Oldham

“I love our Parent and Baby class, it’s such a lovely experience to have with William. He has made so much progress in the water with Becky, who is such an amazing teacher! William is fearless in the water now at just 5months old. I would highly recommend Parent and Baby swimming lesson to everyone. I feel safe knowing that William will always be confident around water.”Samantha Lancashire (William, aged 5 months)

Baby Learning to Swim independently in Oldham

Health Benefits

Water Safety: Unfortunately drowning is the third biggest cause of accidental death amongst children under 5 in the UK. From the very first lesson your baby will be encouraged to hold the wall, move to safety and climb out – skills which could one day save their life.

Physical & Mental Health: Your baby will take part in a complete workout every lesson, strengthening their heart and lungs. The lessons also aid stimulation as your baby will listen and respond to commands, interact with parent and teacher, and increase their coordination and motor skills.

Promotes Bonding:  This special half an hour per week dedicated solely to your baby allows quality bonding time in the water and away from the day to day stresses.

Builds Strength: Water resistance, paddling and kicking strengthens your baby’s muscles. It has been proven that due to this a swimming baby is more likely to crawl and walk before others their age.