Aquanatal Swimming Classes

You can start your Dolphin Academy swimming journey even before your little bundle of joy arrives. The NHS (2017) states that one of the best exercises for pregnant women is swimming, and we agree! Our Aquanatal classes in Oldham offer an enjoyable way of keeping fit and healthy whilst pregnant. This is the perfect class to keep off the baby weight whilst meeting other mummies-to-be.

Our Aquanatal classes are a gentle yet effective form of exercise for pregnant women allowing them to stretch without straining and overheating. It is also a chance for a deep relaxation. Water provides a soothing yet stimulating environment to prepare for birth. Aquanatal classes offer pregnant women more than just fitness: water facilitates relaxation and helps cultivate positive emotions.

Aquanatal Classes

Accredited Classes

When you’re swimming with Dolphin Academy you can be sure you’re in the safest of hands. Our instructor, Becky, is trained by Birthlight which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. We are the only Birthlight certified provider in the Northeast and Northwest of England.

Birthlight is informed by cutting edge medical and scientific research but its hallmark is simplicity and accessibility to all pregnant women, whatever their state of fitness, their condition or their cultural background. Birthlight gets its name from giving women practical resources for ‘birthing lightly’, making space in themselves and using the breath to ‘exhale push’ their babies without undue strain. You can find out more about Birthlight on their website.

Aquanatal Classes

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We now offer Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga Classes from our location in Oldham at DW Sport’s Fitness. Book a place in our next classes using our electronic booking system.

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Health Benefits of Aquanatal Classes


Swimming is one of the safest ways to exercise during pregnancy. Aquanatal classes are highly recommended by health professionals. This non-impact class provides a full body work out, focusing on strengthening back and abdominal muscles and get them ready for carrying your baby and also preparing your body for labour.

Early Introduction

By attending our classes, you are already introducing your baby to water. Once your baby arrives they will already find the sounds of the pool familiar and that would be a perfect start for a very relaxed first Adult and Child class.

A Little “Me Time”

Our Aquanatal class provides a weekly escape from the stress of everyday life. This class will help to unwind and destress in the relaxing environment of the pool. This dedicated ‘me’ time is essential, and we all know this will be very limited once your bundle of joy arrives.

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