NOT JUST FOR KIDS! The Benefits of Mermaid Swimming for Adults

You’re never too old to try new things and being a mermaid is (probably) a new thing. It’s not just a good experience to be a mermaid though, it’s good for you and its loads of fun. In fact, the benefits of Mermaid swimming are so obvious that our adult swim instructors like Becky swim with a fish tail for fun. All types of swimming are exercise that burns calories but there’s a few specific benefits to Mermaid swimming adults should be made aware of.

It’s a really good work out for your core muscles

Unlike regular swimming our Mermaid swimming lessons have some special requirements because there’s a bit more difficulty in swimming with a fish tail. Fish tail swimming is mono-fin swimming. Divers, military professionals and engineers often use mono-fins when working under water because it’s a very fast way to swim. To swim properly with a mono-fin you must move your legs and body in a particular way called the Dolphin Kick. The Dolphin Kick starts at the core muscles and then extends through to your knees, thighs and calf in a, for lack of a better word, fishy motion.  Ever noticed all the six packs in swimming? The Dolphin Kick is a wonderful work out for your core muscles and a great way to tone your belly, calves and buttocks.

It makes you feel beautiful

Everyone likes to feel beautiful and, let’s not kid ourselves, it is 100% fact that all mermaids are beautiful. Mermaid swimming like swimming generally is a body positive experience. During a good work out, you’re swimming through the water like a literal Disney character. We often do photoshoots and can arrange underwater video if you ask us too. Exercise itself makes you feel good. Looking good whilst you exercise? Even better.

You can meet like-minded people

If you’ve ever wondered where you can meet friends who like to dress up, swim, exercise and pretend to be a mermaid in one place… Well it’s Mermaiding. Birds of a feather flock together and there’s a good chance you’ll meet people with similar interests at mermaid swimming lessons. Making new friends is always good, and as adults it gets harder than it is for children, because we mostly spend the same time in our offices, homes or wherever we work. Kids spend a lot more time in clubs and new environments, and as adults we can benefit from clubs and activities just the same.

Want to join?

If you’re 18+ we now offer special adult Mermaid swimming lessons. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, so contact us if you do have any. Otherwise, you can click this link here and see what classes we have available for immediate booking.

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