Adult & Child Swimming Classes

If you’re a parent or caregiver with a very young child or baby, or expecting one, there’s no reason your swimming journey can’t begin early. Our First Steps is our partner business who provides services catered specifically to the needs of pregnant women and parents with babies. Their Adult and Child swimming lessons allow your baby to ease into our Pre-School classes by teaching them real skills like how to paddle and support themselves in the water, all the while allowing you to share this special period of child-development in the water.

Adult & Child swimming classes at Our First Steps are for those aged 6 weeks – 2 years old. Our First Steps wanted to break away from the typical singing and dancing classes offered at local pools and teach our little swimmers fundamental skills they’ll benefit from later at Dolphin Academy, and in life generally.

Mother and Baby Swimming Lesson

Mother and Baby Swimming Lesson

Not JUST Fun…

At their Adult & Child (also known as Parent and Baby) swim classes, in Oldham and Ashton, your little bundle of joy will learn important basic skills like how to hold their breath, be safe in the water and, when they’re strong enough, to climb out of the pool. Unfortunately, drowning is a leading cause of preventable child deaths so these skills are very important. Swimming is also an excellent exercise for babies growing muscles and for strengthening their joints, providing a supportive environment to understand the way their arms, legs, back and neck work.

Promotes Bonding & Emotional Wellbeing

Adult & Child swimming lessons also promote bonding, sleep and mental health of both the parent and baby. Being in the water together and helping your baby learn can can help build trust and respect from the earliest stage possible; it is a special half hour per week when both baby and parent are doing the same thing, and doing it together. One of the main advantages caregivers find the lessons bring is also better sleep for baby – it’s hard to come up with ways to help baby become tired but like adults, some exercise and activities can help.

Parent and Baby Swimming Lessons
Baby Swimming Lessons

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You can find out lots more information about Our First Steps on their website, including dry-side activities for pregnant women, children, caregivers and babies.


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You can book their lessons online just like with Dolphin Academy through Class4Kids, you can find their schedule here.

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