5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim After School

The new school year has just started and your young loved ones are off to school! For some it will be their first day ever and for others it will be another exciting year. Whatever their age, you might be wondering if you should sign your child up for some extracurricular activities to compliment the things they learn in school. This is a wonderful idea, and we strongly recommend you do! Swimming lessons are a fantastic option and, if you have wondered about them, read on to find out a few reasons why it’s a great idea!

1. They Provide Structure

Children often benefit from having a routine and structure to their daily lives. Just like for adults, knowing what to expect and having things to look forward to is an important foundation for being happy. School provides a huge part of that structure and extracurricular activities are an excellent way to extend certainty to the time they spend out of school. Swimming can be a fun activity and it won’t feel like a chore!

2. Great way to exercise

Swimming lessons are also a fun way to introduce the habit of exercising into your kid’s life – they will thank you for it later. Exercise is important, for adults and children alike, and swimming is one of the best ways to get a full body work out which is also not heavy on the joints. Swimming is a great cardio exercise which strengthens your heart and lungs. It also strengthens the core muscles which helps improve posture!

3. Provides a healthy outlet for their energy

Children spend all day in school where there is not much time or opportunity for running around. Often when they go home, they end up once again sat down in front of a screen. Taking up a sport like swimming, allows them to have the perfect outlet for all that stored up energy. As parent, you know this can help prevent behavioural issues which arise when a child has too much energy. In our lessons, we make sure our swimmers feel happy with their achievements and contently tired from their hard work.

4. Teaches valuable skills

We have always said in our blogs that swimming is an important life skill which could truly save your life one day. Knowing how to swim is also a skill which you learn and lasts a life time. But, when we say that swimming lessons will teach your child valuable skills we don’t just mean swimming itself. When kids come to our lessons they learn all sorts of healthy habits – keeping active and enjoying it, the importance of stretching before exercise or how to be safe in water. They also learn how to take instructions, how to work together with others in a team and probably most importantly they learn that with patience and hard work they can achieve great things!

5. Future prospects

Did you know that most of our teachers were hobby and then professional swimmers before they became teachers? Swimming is a great skill that if developed can lead you into a career of being a professional athlete or teacher yourself one day! We offer swimming lessons, for anyone from babies to adults, but we also have a swim club where we focus on training our swimmers for competitive swimming. It’s a great way to encourage children to be part of a healthy competition and to work hard towards a rewarding goal!

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