Scared of water? Here’s some tips to help.

At Dolphin Academy we meet different people with a range of attitudes and experiences to the sport. We often meet learners that, to different degrees, have a fear of water and swimming. Without delving into the causes of peoples’ fear, there is almost always things that can be done to lessen fear of water. If […]

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Should You Wear Goggles At Your First Lessons?

We often get asked if you should bring swimming goggles at your first swimming lessons. It might seem an easy question to answer but it’s different from person to person and it depends on your confidence in the water, personal preference and a range of other things. We want to give you the best learn-to-swim […]

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Holidays are just more fun if you know how to swim!

Sometimes when a learner or a learner’s parent/guardian contacts us about learning to swim there’s a bit of urgency involved. Summer is just around the corner and our jet-setting swimmers have flights booked to their sunny seaside destination of choice: Costa del Sol, the French Riviera, Sunny Beach, Phuket, Bali – the list goes on. […]

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Why We Believe Swimming Is the Best Exercise

The staff at Dolphin Academy have been swimming for years. In fact, we love swimming so much, we turned it into our job and started offering swimming lessons professionally. As fun as it is (and it’s really fun!), swimming isn’t just about enjoyment – it’s about competition, self-esteem and health; it’s the best exercise we […]

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